I started making wine in 1977 by following winemaking recipes which were easily obtained at the time, and produced wines of varying quality.  Later on I discovered Gerry Fowles publications which explained his scientific approach to winemaking. The concept of using fruit composition data to create recipes for particular styles of wine was one which I adopted, leading me to write the Home Wine Program in 1987 for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and later for the Amstrad CPC and PCW computers. Professor Fowles kindly promoted them in his Wine for all Seasons magazine and made use of one when writing The Gervin Recipe Book.

This version for Windows pc’s uses the same methodology as the previous ones, but includes several enhancements, especially regarding keeping records of the progress of each batch of wine, tasting notes and stock control of ingredients and wine.

For help with using the software or to make suggestions for improvements please send an email to pgaulton@hotmail.co.uk with the title ‘Home Wine Program’.