Whether you are new to winemaking or an old hand the Home Wine Program is here to help in designing recipes and tracking the progress of your batches. Creating your own recipe will allow you to tailor it to your own tastes and you’ll know that it will be balanced in terms of alcohol, acid, tannin, sweetness and body.

The Home Wine Program allows you to quickly and easily create your own recipes or check ones you’ve found.  Typical values of some commercial wines are shown for guidance in setting the targets for a balanced wine. Tables and bar graphs show how well a recipe will meet the targets and various tools are provided for making adjustments. The composition data for 130+ ingredients is included and you can also add your own. Recommended resources include the book “Must” by Gerry Fowles which is available from www.vigoltd.com and data shown in www.brsquared.org.

A method of processing the ingredients using minimal equipment will be shown, together with advice about which additives to use.

The Notebook allows you to keep track of the progress of each batch of wine and display it in graphical form.

Version 2 is now available with these new features  :-

  • stock control for your winemaking ingredients
  • a simplified means of adding or editing fruit composition data
  • allows changes to the recipe after a batch has started fermenting
  • estimates the alcohol content using the gravity drop method and allows for the effect of any additions made to the must after fermentation has started
  • allows for a batch of wine being split, eg to sweeten some of it and fortify some
  • a blending and fortifying option with a preview of the expected effect on the wine’s composition
  • keeps records of your stocks of wine in bulk storage or bottles
  • comes preloaded with some recipes which were either prize winning or simply well received by family and friends

The slideshows and manual will give an idea of what the Home Wine Program can do for you.

Downloading is free and doesn’t involve registration. All download files have been checked for viruses by the people at Microsoft Windows Defender SmartScreen.

The minimum system requirements are a pc running Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10 with 8Mb hard disk space.