If you make your own wine then you’ll know the importance of a good recipe. Finding a good one that suits the ingredients you have can be a hit or miss affair, however if you know the composition of each ingredient and make some calculations you’ll be able to design your own recipe. This can be done with a spreadsheet, but that can be tedious.

The Home Wine Program allows you to quickly and easily create recipes for wines which are balanced in terms of alcohol, acid, tannin, sweetness and body.  Typical values of some commercial wines are shown for guidance in setting the targets. Tables and bar graphs show how well a recipe will meet the chosen targets and various tools are provided for making adjustments. The composition data for 90+ ingredients is included and you can also add your own data.

A method of making your wine will be shown, together with advice about which additives to use.

The Notebook allows you to keep track of the progress of each batch of wine and displays it in graphical form. The alcohol content can be estimated using the gravity drop method and the application will make allowance for any additions of ingredients or water whilst the must is fermenting. The alcohol content can also be estimated using the hydrometer + refractometer method.

Version 2 is currently being developed and is expected to be ready for release in late 2019. It will :-

  • provide a means of stock control for your winemaking ingredients
  • give a simplified means of adding or editing fruit composition data
  • allow changes to the recipe after a batch has started fermenting
  • include a blending, sweetening and fortifying option
  • keep records of your stocks of wine

The Home Wine Program is a free application. There is no registration so you cannot be contacted in the future.  Therefore if you want to know if the software has been updated then please keep an eye on this website, or email me at peter@homewineprogram.com with a message titled Home Wine Program.

The minimum system requirements are a pc running Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10 with 4.8Mb hard disk space.


The Home Wine Program currently has two main functions :-

  • Wine recipes. Create a recipe for a wine with chosen levels of alcohol, acid, tannin, sweetness and body. Typical values for commercial wines are given for guidance. Choose up to 11 ingredients from a total of more than 90, or add your own data which will be saved on your pc. Tables and graphs show how well your recipe will meet the targets set. Amounts can be added in a mixture of units, ie Metric, Imperial and US. Once saved, a suggested method of processing the ingredients will be shown, together with recommended yeast, nutrients, enzymes etc. A table of expected Specific Gravities is shown. As well as designing new recipes, it can also be used for evaluating existing ones and storing them.
  • Notebook. Record the progress of each batch of wine. Display graphs of temperature, Specific Gravity, titratable acidity, pH, alcohol content and soluble solids (body). Keep records of competitions entered and awards won. Each Notebook is linked to a saved recipe.

Downloading the application is free, and doesn’t require registration.

Updates will be made available when any problems or suggestions are sent by email. 

The minimum system requirements are a pc running Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10.


I started making wine in 1977 by following winemaking recipes which were easily obtained at the time, and produced wines of varying quality.  Later on I discovered Gerry Fowles publications which explained his scientific approach to winemaking. The concept of using fruit composition data to create recipes for particular styles of wine was one which I adopted, leading me to write the Home Wine Program in 1987 for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and later for the Amstrad CPC and PCW computers. Professor Fowles kindly promoted them in his Wine for all Seasons magazine. He also made use of one when writing The Gervin Recipe Book, which is still in print.

This version for Windows pc’s uses the same methodology as the previous ones, but includes several enhancements, especially regarding keeping records of the progress of each batch of wine.

Version 2 will feature a number of additional features which are detailed on the Home page, and is due to be released late in 2019.


For help with using the software or to make suggestions for improvements please send an email to peter@homewineprogram.com with the title ‘Home Wine Program’.